JR GROUP provides an array of Strategic Advisory and Consulting Services to Private-sector Companies and Governments, in emerging countries worldwide. Our Teams are comprised of Skilled Industry Professionals, who over the years have structured a reliable platform, in which Suppliers and Buyers connect confidentially over almost all continents. 

JR GROUP's approach, assists organizations "navigate the road ahead" by:

Headquartered in the United States of America, JR GROUP, boasts viable domestic sourcing capabilities. In addition, key partnerships in Europe, Asia and Africa allows for the fostering of competitive engagements with fast, reliable services. With a Worldwide Network of savvy Professionals, Partners and Manufactures, JR GROUP enables smart deals across many markets, with a core focus on lobbying and relationship development.  

Whether it's Relationship Building, Finding / Securing Investment Opportunities and / or Connecting Buyers to Sellers, JR GROUP can help facilitate, with a proven track record in the following market verticals:

High Tech Industry

Information technology, wholesale and distribution of new and refurbished computer hardware, parts and accessories, sensitive data security and management, Hosted applications, Telecommunication, Broadband Communication via Satellite, Computing, Digital Imaging. Learn More . . .


Sales of executive sedans, SUV's & luxury cars, construction engines, armored vehicles, farming, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment including related spare parts with total timely logistic. Learn More . . .


Industrial and Manufacturing