Relationship Building & Lobbying

JR Group defines lobbying as “relationship building with clear expectations”.

Perhaps you are planning a business start-up in a specific country without leverage to move forward. For example, how do you get on the Ground Floor? How do you impact policy in a specific area? Ultimately, how do you get things moving? JR Group has an extensive network of High Level Officials, as well as, Trusted Advisors in many Countries across various Continents. Our Attorney and Advocacy Teams will guide you, connecting you with the corresponding parties to understand all available possibilities, through strategic meetings gaining sustainable results. Our Commitments are result-driven. Our Engagements clearly defined and meticulously documented.

Client expectation is our core focus and concern. Considering this, we view each and every engagement from this perspective. Our process includes a 3D-Phase Model:

These phases are predominantly sequential, although small midcourse alterations may be permitted, if both Client and consultant agree. While we go through the process we may sometimes discover new expectations at the time of meeting delivering those that were originally agreed upon.

JR Group’s Core Strategic Initiative is introducing our Clients to the most appropriate entity through two simplistic models: