JR Group claims an unsurpassed knowledge in IT Services and Data Management, as well as, brand equity and development. Working with key partners to develop the best solution for your Information technology needs or even deploying ethical hackers to test your system security and recommend solutions; we know the key factors involved in a successful operation are strong market demand and a sturdy financial commitment, in addition to the expertise of savvy professionals.

Our typical consulting services cover the following:

Software Development

JR GROUP has leveraged its information technology experience and extensive domain expertise, in content, security, data and document management; offering unparalleled software development services.

We’re able to support your development needs with both on-shore and off-shore resources. In result, these resources can build custom applications, efficiently manage data, leverage valuable content for the benefit of your marketing/sales/ finance/ human resources and compliance organizations, as well as, offer smart access to company/government related documents.

A New Approach

JR GROUP brings an innovative approach to custom development. Our methodology is based on Quick Fixed bid pricing (vs. time-and-materials) in addition to, our on-time delivery oriented project management. This approach makes our offering a "win-win" proposition for our valued customers.
A team of Best-of-Breed Programmers based in our Manila (Philippines) Development Center, work closely with our Delivery Managers located in our Atlanta Headquarters. Together, these teams bring total success to all your Information Technology Projects. Whether you prefer to have a dedicated team of overseas employees staffed in your time zone or desire to share resources, we have the processes and procedures in place to assure effective and cost-efficient development, including direct access to developers’ in-boxes and your own local U.S. number.

Our Custom Application Development Consultants tailor the optimum solutions for you using cutting-edge equipment and software solutions. With our industry-specific value network of clients and partners, we are co-innovating and quickly developing solutions to key challenges, related to government/enterprise-wide management of content.

JR GROUP’s most recent interventions are in the following spaces:

Multi-channel Communications and Branding

JR GROUP provides many solutions to promote your brand, ideally, implementing the most strategic solution to benefit the success of your Program. Our solutions allow you to orchestrate a campaign using multi-channel communications, including email, print, text, social media, personalized URL and variable video communications—all through a single, customizable SaaS portal. Deployed many times over for Non-Profit Organizations, various campaigns and large multinational companies comprised of multiple modules, the chosen Solution can be used as a combined system or individually crafted to suit customer’s needs and integrated into existing applications. 

Our Multi-Channel Communications System is a robust tool for election campaigns, as it allows candidates to broadcast their messages and communicate efficiently with supporters, via all media. Government entities and public relation firms use JR GROUP's services to automate, monitor, manage their campaigns and make urgent adjustments in real time.

Our solutions include: