Trade Promotions & Events Support

Through a worldwide network of partners, JR Group has extensive experience in facilitating high-level International Events, Forums and Conferences. The proven best in the concerned industry is always sourced to a partner for the optimum solution. JR Group has been vigorous in Political Events, Global Forums, Trade Promotions and many more similar types of mediums. With a combined 50+ years of award winning special event planning experience, we’ll ensure your events are flawless whether a Corporate Meeting or Fundraiser for a Non-profit. Headquartered in the United States (Atlanta, GA) and with Satellite Locations worldwide, JR Group will successfully organize your events focusing on:

Destination Management, Travel and Transportation. Planning and
Creative Services Logistics and Production Services Logistics
Our global event planners are well-versed in event and international meeting around the world. Through our destination management expertise, we streamline all travel, activity and hospitality arrangements to provide efficient, culturally-sensitive experiences anywhere in the world with focus on emerging countries. Our transportation services have spanned 30 countries on six continents, providing us with reliable connections.

From venue sourcing, managing hotel rooms to logistic on the ground and transportation, our team can assist by managing the full aspect of the attendee’s experience, working directly with the hotel, venue and vendors, all while keeping constant communication with the clients and attendees.

If you’re overwhelmed by planning an event or meeting and have no idea where to start, our team of partners can offer expertise in event planning and development from the United States, London and around the world.

Our event specialists have been in the business for more than 28 years, so we know exactly how to assist you in planning and developing your event from the very beginning all the way up to the start of the event.

We offer fresh, intelligent full service creative approach and it works. Through creative ideation, we engage with our events with a team of graphic designers under the direction of our very creative director. We work across all mediums without preference or prejudice, delivering creative strategy and execution via all channels that connects our audience to our events at an emotional level. Our in-house services include the following:
  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design
    & Programming

  • Logo Design

  • POS Creation
    & Development

  • In-House Photography
    & Video Editing

Logistics composes the lifeblood of event planning. A poor logistics coordination or failed communication can make or break a flawlessly planned event. We cannot emphasize more the importance of event logistics management: the flow of services between the event planner and the vendors is key to a successful event.

JR GROUP works only with the best event planners and production services to successfully promote an event. We look at the vertical and chose the most qualified domain expert using our own house perfected criteria.