What is XMPie?

XMPie is the leading omnichannel communications solution on the market, enabling the media personalization, web-to-print capabilities and marketing automation that print services providers, marketing agencies and healthcare and financial services organizations need to compete in today’s demanding communications environment. Watch the video...

JR GROUP has deployed virtually all solutions in this segment of the market space, and recognizes the unique value of XMPie. Implemented and used properly, our team has found XMPie to be the most effective solution of its kind.

As a reseller and integrator of XMPie, we evaluate each module to determine the best combination to meet your needs. We then work with you to implement, integrate and onboard to give you 100% of the benefit this solution has to offer.

Our team has developed specific expertise in optimizing the following modules:

Integrated Modules:
  • Personalized Storefront setup (uStore)
  • Personalized video production (uDirect Video)
  • Personalized URL (uProduce)
  • Personalized Analytics (Marketing Console)
  • Email services with landing pages services
  • Circles
  • UProduce and uStore APIs and SDK – Allowing you to embed XMPie technology to your website and/or develop custom solutions
  • Explore...


Our team has the IT expertise, production experience and omnichannel know-how to help assure a successful XMPie experience. From solution selection to process definition; from configuration to deployment; from training to continuous improvement, we’re the uniquely qualified partner you can trust.

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