Technical Sales Is Key

JR GROUP provides the outsourced sales services you need to maximize return on your technology investment. Our sales associates can help you get the word out about your new capabilities. Print services providers and marketing agencies looking to grow count on our team to generate, qualitfy and nurture the leads needed to support their growth goals.

Our outsourced services:
Save you money. You get market coverage you need without incurring costs associated with staffing an in-house sales team. Bringing on employees requires significant investment, including salaries, benefits, equipment, space—and management. Our solution costs significantly less.

Keep you focused. Managing a non-core function is distracting and inefficient. Using contracted services minimizes disruption and lets you keep your eye on what you do best—production and customer service.

Provide more results. We have the sales-trained talent, infrastructure and technology to efficiently uncover sales opportunities for you. Our services are all encompassing: From list development to segmentation; from messaging to cadence management; from analytics to reporting—so you get the most for your money.

JR GROUP’s high-quality, outsourced teleprospecting, supported by inbound marketing, will help you achieve sustainable revenue, and meet your growth goals.